Sarah's Story

04 December 2017 Published in News & Events
*Names and Photos have been changed to protect client identity *Names and Photos have been changed to protect client identity

Sarah is a 6th grade student that heard about our Backpack Bonanza event giving away backpacks and school supplies on Fox13. She deserpately needed new items for the start of the school and knew her family could not afford them, so she talked her grandfather into bringing her. The family had never been to CCS and had no idea what to expect. Sarah had the biggest smile on her face as she approached our front desk and asked to sign-up to receive a new backpack. 

As she went around to pick out her items, Sarah was so excited that this would finally be the year she was going to start out with a NEW backpack and school supplies. While talking to her, she mentioned she also didn’t have new shoes, or basic things like shampoo and hair accessories. We were able to give her a shoe voucher to Payless and also find a few extra things to help her out. Seeing the joy on her face and her anticipation about starting the new school year on the right note was so rewarding! The grandfather was also given the information to apply for services at CCS.